It Matters More in the Dark

In the past when the power went out the husband and I just watched whatever movies we downloaded or could stream on our phones, cuddled up and hoped the power would be on before we woke up. This time, in 2019 things were different, we have a baby to think about. This February the SeattleContinue reading “It Matters More in the Dark”

How I got here pt. 2 (with a twist!)

This is going to be some M, Night Shyamalan type stuff! So bear with me. So by the end of April everything seemed to be going great, the baby was all caught up growing and despite not cooperating for any of the ultrasounds all the testing was coming back looking super positive. Then in MayContinue reading “How I got here pt. 2 (with a twist!)”

My Perfect Breakdown

-- Surviving. Living. Hoping. -- Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Adoption

Wholly Cupcake!

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