My Name is Molly, I live in Seattle Washington with my husband, our son and our two awesome sauce dogs. I have a background in marketing as well as 34 years of life experience. Since the age of 15 I have battled crippling anxiety, bi-polar disorder and ADHD. Full disclosure I have attempted suicide twice and thought about it more than once since then.* In my time on this planet I have experienced a number of traumas which include but are not limited to, the deaths of close friends and family members, sexual assault, domestic abuse, emotional abuse and most recently the premature birth of my son.

Crying, NG tubes, surgeries and so many doctor appoints are my new normal.

These stories and situations make me who I am, they are the lessons I’ve learned in my life. It isn’t alway rainbows and sunshine. There have been many times I have felt alone, with no one to relate to or have a conversation with. That is why I started this blog, not to show how great my life is with a white picket fence, meal preparation and the perfect work-out plan. I want other moms to know that it’s ok if you don’t put on make-up everyday, it is even more ok if your house isn’t ready for an OSHA inspection. Life won’t stop because you’re having a rough patch and you know what, you can always catch up.

Welcome to Restless in Seattle!

*I am currently under the care and advisement of a therapist and psychiatrist so please don’t be concerned when I mention these thoughts.

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